07 May 2012

weekend rewind

in the summer, pretty much every day feels like a weekend. but i still like doing weekend rewind because that is when the party is supposed to happen. i don't have tons to say about the weekend.

on friday, after Allison got out of class we went on an afternoon adventure. we first went to the Provo Library and got library cards! i felt like a little kid again! if you live in provo and want to get a library card, you just have to have a letter addressed to you here in provo and photo id. pretty simple. after we checked out a few library books, we walked over to Shirley's Bakery and bought some pastries. yum! we ate them out on the grass. it was the perfect afternoon treat.

Allison left friday night to go up to her family's cabin, so i was alone the rest of the weekend. *sad face* it is interesting how it is going from having roommates who never talk to you or hang out with you, to having a roommate who always wants to hang out with you. i love it but then when allison isn't here i get lonely!
on saturday i worked in the morning and then went grocery shopping. of course i forgot like half the things i meant to buy. oh well. then i went shopping with amberly. if you live in the provo/orem area and you like getting good deals on name brand clothing you should go check out Trendy Xchange! I am sold. I got a cute shirt for $4! i'm definitely going back. we also stopped at F21 and i picked up some sunglasses. since it was cinco de mayo i celebrated (alone because no one would celebrate with me, except claire who is in china so that didn't really work out). i made some nachos and drank my Mexican soda (mango=yum!) and watched It Takes Two. oh and i drew a mustache on my finger so i could be truly Mexican.

sunday i went to my ward for the first time. for the most part people were very friendly. i got a calling to the missionary and friendship council. i'm excited because i definitely need the extra push this summer to be friendly! after church i went to a reunion dinner with some family's we home schooled with when i was like five. it was so great to see everyone who came! also, eating food outside in the mountains definitely makes everything taste better. i don't even mind that i smelled like smoke for the rest of the day. it was totes worth it. ward prayer was another gathering in which i should have put myself out there, but i am sad to say that i didn't really. i met one new person. that's it. i gotta work on myself. i mean really? after ward prayer i watched The Help- finally. ok can i just say i loved it?? skeeter reminds me of me a little bit. it is really an inspirational movie and now i want to read the book (next trip to the library?).

this weekend was good. i was happier than i have been. i was happy all three days of the weekend. i am glad about that. how was your weekend?


  1. wait...where is this trendy exchange place?!

    1. Do you know where Pizza Pia Cafe is in Provo? It's just in the strip mall there! Come with me and we will go shopping there!