18 June 2012

CNA class

once upon a time i didn't get an internship with Make A Wish. and i was devastated. so i stayed in Provo for the summer, and decided to get my CNA certification. i learned a lot in that class, mostly non-academic, but still a lot. [but more about that in another post.] i don't really know why i had to stay in Provo for the summer, but i do know that the people i met in the two week course are amazing! i am so glad i got to meet them.
after our last day of clinicals
after getting up at 4 am last Wednesday and Thursday for clinicals, i was so ready to "sleep in" until 7 on Friday. after we took our final in class [i only missed two- booyah] we had a fiesta. it was a blast- mostly because my camera was commandeered by Laura, Cody and Jillian. I now have like a bajillion awesome photos of them. i am really grateful i got to meet these awesome people!

best. row. ever.
i feel like Cody is making fun of us
Alyson, Jessie, Jaycee
these pictures. kill me.
i've got more than these ha ha
even cuter
these girls saved my life in this class
only like the most posed picture ever. we look so formal.
not david archuleta- david jacobsen
the gang
i am a little sad class is over not gonna lie. but i hope the summer just gets better from here on out! 


  1. Cna brought me to my husband so I'm all for that! You never know why certain things happen, but all of it happens for a reason!:)

  2. this is the same place i teach phlebotomy. how funny

  3. cody darrington?! he is totally my cousin's cousin :) what a SMALL WORLD!