15 June 2012

good news

guys i'm done done done with CNA class! i have officially spent 80 hours of training to become a CNA- 16 of those hours in clinicals. i also worked a little more than 20 hours a week while doing that. i am exhausted and have a lot to say about my class. i learn so much! but for tonight i'm going out on the town, i.e. to the dollar theater, with Allison and Jillian. Allison is moving back home tomorrow and i am super sad! she has been a wonderful roommate and friend!
on to other good news.
i received my financial aid notifications this morning. you may or may not know that i have been really stressed about getting the money to pay for school in the fall. i was so nervous to check if i had been awarded anything. blessing! i got more than enough money to pay for tuition and what else i need. i felt tears pushing out and i instantly said "thank you heavenly father for this gift." then i called my mom and we rejoiced. god is merciful. and he cares about what i care about. if there is anything i have learned in college it is that my education is important. and i am willing to work as hard as i need to in order to continue to receive this quality education.
i'll try tomorrow to post about every thing that happened this week as well as the posts i've been thinking about since starting the CNA class. but while you wait for that please enjoy some of my latest harry potter loves.

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  1. Such a huge accomplishment! And that's so good to hear about the financial aid too. Heavenly Father has a way of always coming through for us, doesn't he? :)