10 June 2012


you see, i had a CNA class last week. hence the odd absence. i was in class from 9-5 every day (literally in the same classroom for 8 hours) and then went straight to work until 9 pm. usually after work i have a little homework or studying to do. it's. . . great. it has been hard going from no school to full on insanity. but i have somehow survived and even enjoyed the class (a little). i will do a full report on the class when i am done with it- in one week! be excited! here is what i've been up to in the last week. sorry if it's not terribly exciting, it's not like i went out and partied every night after being in class and work for 12 hours.
i saw this beautiful sunset on wednesday (?) when i walked out of work. after a long hard day it was amazing to be reminded of the small and yet important things in life. sorry about the bad picture quality- i took it on my unsmart camera phone. no instagram for me people.
driving home from class on thursday i saw this double decker bus. i literally screamed. then i took this picture. then i said, "take me back to london!" it was quite emotional. come to find out that some guy running for state representative bought the bus to campaign! kind sir can i buy from you when you are done?? kthanksbye.

also on thursday i went to Aubrey Olsen's wedding reception. yes she got married! i was so grateful i got work off to be able to be there. i mean, she is practically like a sister to me. the reception was beautiful and it was so fun to see some Africa peeps. i got to drive up with Andy, Paul, and Sarah. Andy and Paul are starting med school in the fall! what smart guys.  and you may remember that Sarah and Paul got married on a blizzardy day in January. we counted that 7 people from our Africa group have gotten married! i am kinda starting to feel like i am slacking off. so i tried to catch the bouquet (i never ever do that). obviously i need to work on my bouquet catching skills...

have you ever heard of the Gravitron? i hadn't until saturday. i went to Orem's Summerfest with Alex and we both rode the Gravitron for the first time. basically you stand in this UFO-looking thing and it spins around really fast so you are pinned against the wall. it reaches G forces so there is no gravity (or very small amounts) and you can go upside down or anything! really cool slash weird. after riding the Gravitron we grabbed blankets for the fireworks show. if you live in utah valley you know that Saturday was like the windiest day ever, so i was freezing. but the show was so cool! we even got showered in debris from the fireworks. and we saw the double decker bus. after the fireworks we were all way cold, so we went to IHOP for their infinite hot chocolate and some late night sustenance. have you heard that chicken and waffles is amazing? apparently they eat them in the south. anyways, i got some! sadly by the time they came i wasn't hungry anymore, but i did have some delicious waffles and chicken for breakfast and dinner today. i don't think the combo is weird at all. the night was so fun! i am glad i got to go out!
so yes that is my life. tomorrow i start all over again with CNA classes and work. i have clinicals Wednedsay and Thursday and i am praying i don't die, or worse get expelled (i mean, throw up). ah! so nervous! but i'm off for now- gotta go take more vital signs! i'll try to check in before next sunday though! have a great week!


  1. You know Sarah?? I love her! She's one of my good friends from freshman year. Small world :) That totally makes sense though--I should have connected that with Africa. Also, love the bus! Ah! I miss London so much!

    1. I love love love sarah! she was my roommate the entire time i was in africa and well, she is seriously THE BEST.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! You went to Africa?! When and where and for what?? I'm pretty much OBSESSED with Africa. I lived in Ghana summer 2010 teaching preschool!


    1. I went to Uganda for summer of 2011! I went with HELP International (if you've heard of them) and so I did a lot of different projects. However I mainly focused on health projects and student leadership. It was AMAZING and i am totally obsessed with Africa too! I bet Ghana was amazing! I want to go back so bad!