05 June 2012


it's june! summer can officially start. didn't you think that may went by waaaay to fast? i only get to live with allison for two more weeks and i'm really sad about that. i have zero idea what i will be doing come July. heck, i might even peace out and move away for a month and a half. probably not. i'm going crazy these next two weeks taking my CNA class so posts might be sporadic. however, i need to make some goals for the month of june. so here i am, reporting on last month's goals and making some new ones.

-finish the Book of Mormon: i finished it at 11:30 pm on May 31. although i cut it close there at the end, i am really glad that i finished. sometimes having a time to have it finished helps me read more consistently.
- go to the temple at least twice: i think i did just that and it was great! i love the temple.

-no eating at Cafe Rio/Costa Vida: for the first few days of may i sorely missed it, but i got used to it after a while. i ate at Rio once- but it was on a date so i think it's totally ok!
- go running at least 15 times: i didn't quite make it that much, what with my knee being jacked up. but i ran more than i did in april, and i had some real good runs. i also started working out every morning and every night and it's been real great!

- save $600 ($300 each paycheck): this did not happen. i think i saved $300 dollars. having to pay for gas and other stuff still adds up. i think i spent my entire second paycheck on tithing, rent, and gas. lamo. 
- finish The Seven Habits: sorry i got involved in other books and have not touched the 7 Habits.
- walk to work, not drive: i did good at this, especially since it's been so nice. i am going to walk a lot more once the CNA class is over (because i'm spending so much moola on gas).

- get to know new ward: i've made some friends, but i still need to work on being more social and actually hanging out with people. maybe flirtations can occur?
- have a happy attitude at work: ummm i think i do this. except yesterday (but that was june so doesn't count).


  1. these goals are awesome! i love this idea. having new goals each month would really help me stay focused! thanks for the idea and GOOD LUCK!

  2. nope May went by excruciatingly slow... but I'm so glad it's June! haha. Good goals:) Good luck with CNA! Don't worry though, it's not super difficult. Mostly just common sense. And you never know... I met my husband in a CNA class:)

  3. I just randomly stumbled across your blog, it is absolutely darling! You are a great writer and I especially love this post on goals, it was really motivating to me to set some goals too! Though I don't think I could ever keep the no Cafe Rio thing... :)