04 June 2012

weekend rewind

i don't really want to do a weekend rewind. i'm so freaking tired. working 20 hours a week and going to CNA class 40 hours a week (we literally get zero breaks- not even for lunch- welcome to the world of healthcare) has left me utterly pooped today. not to mention that when i left class i found out that my speedometer and gas-o-meter (i can't remember what that's called) had broken. urgk. and i have a headache. and mom, i wish you would remember that i hate mayonnaise. thanks for letting me rant for a second.
here's to the freaking weekend. that was so wonderful and i am so glad that all the people who came were there because it was just so fun! i am so thankful for the Brown's for letting us come up and for putting up with the crazy stuff we did. i'm thankful i got to make new friends and new memories! i'm thankful we had a huge bonfire. i'm thankful we ate lots of good food. i'm thankful for the beautiful Wyoming vista. i'm thankful i jumped into a freezing lake with the Allisons. i'm thankful we sang Disney songs the whole way home.

take me back.

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