19 June 2012

yolo= you obviously love oreos*

i realize this blog is a pretty serious blog. i am not a very naturally witty writer i guess. i would say this blog is happy, but for the last little while it has been pretty serious. or maybe it's just that i feel kind of gloomy today.  because really my life is awesomespice. sure, there are things that totally suck (i.e. getting my brother's $500 bike stolen from me). but as a general rule, i'm doing pretty dandy. 
i haven't posted much in june. not nearly as much as i posted in may. and my posts have generally been a few words and some pictures slapped down on the page. forgive me, and my lack of wit. or lack of passion. whatever. i'm a little tired of writing about the "real" me at the moment. i'm all tuckered out. or maybe that's just the afternoon shlump speaking. now don't you worry your pretty little mind. i will get back to posting about my life and it's winding path to destination unknown, but i maybe need to take a small hiatus. (now watch, as i am back posting tomorrow. i'm a hypocrite.) 
or maybe i just got blog conscious. 
some people whose blogs i really admire have been called out the past few weeks for being "too personal" or having their own opinions, or talking about their pregnancy's on their blogs. geez i want to salmon slap all those fools- and the fool who stole my brother's bike. 
whew, but enough with the violence already.
 i sometimes wonder if people are secretly judging me (because i have yet to receive any mean comments) for being "too real" or "too honest." guyssss there is no such thing as being too honest! there is honest and dishonest. black and white. so, you know, go in the corner and deal with it. 
but really the biggest thing halting my posting right now is that i am coming off a wonderful spring term and i have zero idea what to expect for summer term. it is a little scary. because the healing is over and now i gotta move forward. into the big wild unknown. there are paths i could take, opportunities i could pursue. or not. but i know that not going after anything good will only bring me regret. and i don't want that. 

in other news: i have decided that dating may not be such a big topic on this blog for a while. i will still probably say if i go on a date (because we all know that is BIG news, especially if the date does well) but i'm not going to really disclose much more than that. i don't want to just prematurely into anything and i don't really feel like making my dating life public until something real is in the picture. oh, but i did go on a date last saturday (i failed to mention this in my weekend post) and it was the best date i have been on all summer. srrrsly. whoops i was about to write more but then i realized that i would be giving away too much info. (it's kind of like in CSI when they have a suspect in custody but they don't want to tell the public about it for some reason or another, because if they do mass anger/violence will break out.)
speaking of dating, i'm super done with the one week-one month romances. like really. i am ready for real lasting commitment. at least three months people. you hardly know me after one! so yeah, if you aren't in it to "win it" then walk away before you even get started. please? 
finally, do you have any questions for me or things you want me to post about/things you want to learn about me? i have quite a few new followers (booyah and thank you!) and i'd love for you to get to know me! and my get to know me page is still under construction.... cough cough. 
i think i will make some oatmeal raisin cookies tonight when i get home. am i the only person who thinks these cookies are divine?

miss sierra ainge and i are dying to go boating. it's what i think about in most of my free time. that, and who i'm going to get to take me on a motorcycle ride. yup, i'm a deep thinker. i already asked the one friend who i know has a boat and, well, i got rejected. if anyone wants to take us i will bring snacks and sierra will bring... herself because her presence is a gift in and of itself.
i'm going to the temple after work tonight. first time in 3 weeks. i feel like i've been in the desert for 40 years! i'm pretty sure my life will seem much less confusing/complicated after the temple. it usually does. 
and now i'm going to add in some cute pictures and stuff to this post because no one is really going to read everything i just wrote.
oh, and if anyone knows of any CNA jobs in Provo/Orem area will you let me know? i need one asap. 


*this is a true statement. i love oreos.

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