03 July 2012

fourth of july in uganda

last year i was in uganda for independence day. i thought it would be really hard to be away from home on a holiday that my family loves. surprisingly, it wasn't. when you are doing something you love and serving others, a holiday is just like any other day, just a little more special. so we celebrated mzungu style.
soooo excited to celebrate

we had hamburgers and chips (fries) for dinner

please love these faces about to enjoy a delicious hamburger
then we had a dance party. but i won't post any of those pictures as they could be potential blackmail photos haha. but there was definitely some air guitar and maybe even some animal worship....? no, we just re-enacted the Circle of Life with our pup Simba.
supes excited for coke floats (thank you Sarah for photo bombing)(

 i love me coke floats
aubs and me
devin and aubs
apparently something was funny. 
yes, yes it was a grand ol' party.

secretly, i wish i was celebrating there again this year....

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