01 July 2012


what the. . . ?! it's july! summer is flying by! i am frightened and excited by it. i realized that i love learning and i am ready to be back in school. i know i will be saying the same thing come october, but right now i am really excited to be back in school. however, i want to make the most of the rest of my summer and live it up! i also want to take this time to improve myself and become the best me that i can be! here is a quick recap of my june goals and how i did.

Go to the temple at least 1x: i went exactly once, but i am glad i got to go at all! what with being insanely busy with CNA classes and then having a bit of a hard time with dating, i needed to get the peace that the temple brings.
Make morning prayers a habit: this will be a continuing goal, but i found as i studied scriptures in the morning i remembered better to say prayers. i want to make my prayers more natural and more personal though still.
Finish the May Ensign: i am proud to say i finished it on Saturday the 30th! I have loved reading the Conference addresses and i am so grateful for the words of our Apostles and Prophets.

Start marathon training: fail. but i did run a little more in the last two weeks of the month and feeling better about things. 
Workout at least 30 min/day: i did really good at this! even when i was in CNA class and working i made sure i worked out every night. i think i've found some good circuits. i just need heavier weights now.
No ice cream: guysss, i love ice cream so this was hard, but i did it! there was only once that i had ice cream because my friend chantelle bought me an ice cream cone and you can't say no to gifts right?

Pass State CNA test: well i haven't taken it quite yet, but i am going to take it asap. as you may know i did get a CNA job so i am super excited for that!
Find a CNA job: check (see above).
Save at least $300: apparently i fail at saving money.... boo. i didn't save anything! ok well i did get a paycheck yesterday and i hope to save $100 from it.

Go to all church events possible: i think i did this. i mean i couldn't go to very many. . . but i tried. i even started going to ward choir!
Do my visiting teaching: i am proud to say that i did this within the first two weeks of the month. booyah!

july is going to be an interesting month- getting a new job and everything. i'm not sure how it is going to fit in with everything else in my life. but i know that i can juggle everything to make room for the most important stuff. here are my goals for this month!


  1. oh hey
    I gave you one of those nifty blog awards.
    you should check it out(:

  2. You inspire me. I'm now going to have to budget, eat healthier, exercise more, and pray harder, so I don't get left in the dust. =) thanks for being my awesome roommate and leaving me treats and all the "little services"--you are wonderful! Love you!