30 June 2012

monte l. bean museum

today is my last day at the mlbean. it's crazy. i've worked here for about a year and a half and it's been the best job i've had while in college. the people who work here have become like family to me. although i am sad to be leaving the museum, where i am so comfortable and where life is chill, i know it is time to move on. in case you didn't know, the bean museum is expanding! so today is our last day open before we close and construction begins. i'm not bitter that i'm losing my job, because logically it was time to get a job more appropriate for my future career.
i got a CNA job this week- such a blessing! i really didn't expect to get the job and i am excited to be working at this facility. i'll be working as a part time CNA at Orem Rehab and Nursing. hopefully after i've worked there for a little while i can get a job at the hospital (because that's where i want to be in nursing).  secretly i'm super nervous to be working as a CNA. there is a lot of responsibility for your residents, long and hard shifts, and expectations for good time management.  i'm praying that i will do well!
on thursday we had a final gift shop "meeting" which was more like a party. everyone brought food and a white elephant, and we had a potluck and gift exchange. so fun! i'm fully convinced that i got the best white elephant.
gift shop employees and Jennifer

awkward posing going on but whatever

as i go through my last shift at the Gift Shop i wanted to do a little tribute to my time here. a few facts about what it's like to work at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum Gift Shop.

Top 3 Questions Asked:
1. Do I need/Can I get a parking permit?
2. Where are the bathrooms?
3. Can I get a scavenger hunt?

in celebration of my last day i decided to do something crazy! i am deathly afraid of spiders, just like Ron Weasley. but we have this tarantula here at the museum and i decided i would hold it and work on overcoming that fear. i was literally shaking! so. freaking. scared. guysss. i can't handle spiders! but i did it and i am so proud of myself!
guys i held a spider! i was freaking out

i'm pretty sure i look so scared in this picture
it's a weird feeling to be signing out of the Bean Museum for the last time ever. i don't even know when i'll be back here! this is beka, saying good bye from the mlBean for the last time.

xo, beka

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  1. Girl, you are going to be the best CNA! I just started working as a CNA a few months ago and love it. Yes, it is hard work but it is so fulfilling. Getting to know all of the residents is an incredible experience, they really become like family. Not to mention that it is a perfect introductory experience for your future career. Congratulation on your new job! Don't be nervous, you get the hang of the routine really quick! :)