19 August 2012

saturday shenanigans in salt lake

i've been working hard this week and been trying to finish my summer bucket list before school starts! on saturday i drove up to salt lake with somers and decided to check off some stuff on my bucket list, mainly Temple Square. our trip was an adventure.

 spending almost 3 hours at the car dealership
somers almost buying a honda civic- black with tinted windows (because she is gansta like that)
wondering how car shopping can dehydrate you
stuffing our faces with Chick-Fil-A
people watching at the food court
my first visit to Tiffany's

getting a good deal at Gap
searching for a bathroom on Temple Square
talking to a cute Polynesian
. . .  and then stalking him secretly for a little bit

taking a bajillion photos of ourselves in the attempt to take the perfect photo

gazing at the Salt Lake Temple

ordering 4 waters from McDonalds because they wouldn't give us 2 big waters
planning adventures for fall

it was seriously so fun! i am so grateful that somers and i have gotten to be friends! she has been a lifesaver this summer and i am excited to have fun this fall. last night was a good reminder that i don't need to go on a date or have a boy in order to have fun! 

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