17 August 2012

you know you've lived in africa for a long time when. . .

.  . . beans and rice is one of your favorite dishes

.  . . seeing two boys holding hands doesn’t even faze you (in Uganda, it is more common to see people of the same sex holding hands than people of opposite sexes. It’s just a cultural way of saying you are friends.)
.  . . you are used to cold showers (and you only shower twice a week. Oh, and forget about shaving regularly!)
.  .  . clothes you would never wear in the States start to look really cute

. . . you are really excited if the power stays on all day and all night
. . . you see a white person and have the uncontrollable urge to yell, “Mzungu!”
. . . waiting for up to an hour for a meeting or a class to begin is normal
. . . your day is made when you poop solid
. . . you find a rock in your food and you keep eating
. . . you see a dead cockroach in your bathroom and you leave it for a few days
. . . you think your clothes are clean when they don’t smell
. . . you start to argue over twenty cents
. . . you cancel your meetings when it rains
. . . you compare your chaco tan lines with others

. . . you think you’re really tan and then you shower and suddenly you’re not as tan as you thought
. . . all your clothes are crunchy because washing by hand you never get all of the soap out
. . . you have to drink all of your soda at the place you bought it because they charge you extra if you take the glass bottle
. . . you’re riding in a taxi and a random African sits in your lap and you’re okay with it because the 14-seater taxi only has 18 people and not 24

. . . you’ve had at least fifteen marriage proposals in the last week
. . . you sit on a motorcycle sideways (if you’re a girl), even when you’re wearing pants
. . . its normal to hold hands with a stranger when you first meet them
. . . you bargain over every price, regardless of what it is

i wrote this a year ago today while i was in Uganda. if you want a snapshot of what my day to day life was there, enjoy this and then go check out my blog for Africa here.
Co-authored by Sarah Blackhurst, Suzanne Whitehead, Whitney Smith, Devin Wengert and Beka Arnesen


  1. This is awesome! Maybe my favorite post so far. I love your perspectives on your trip and the love you have for the people of Uganda! i hope you can go back someday, Bex!