16 August 2012


today is my half birthday. you should probably know i love birthdays. really i just love parties and celebrations. so what have i done today in lieu of celebrating?

 i worked for almost six hours. . .
and watched three episodes on Criminal Minds.

guysss my life is so exciting right now!

i have a hankering for boating. and since my road trip for the weekend just cancelled i would die of happiness if i could be on a boat all day on saturday. literally.

so while i decide if i am going to go buy myself an oreo cheesequake blizzard from DQ (i got one yesterday too. don't worry about it.), i'm reminiscing about my half birthday last year. it was definitely the best half birthday i've ever had!

sarah and i went to chat n chino to "work on stuff for the leadership project" and she surprised me by buying me a coke float! what a good friend :)

Richard and Marissa made french toast with pseudo buttermilk syrup for dinner. delicious.

later than night we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores thanks for the american supplies becca brought with her. let me just say that cadbury chocolate is the best chocolate to use when making s'mores. and never did s'mores taste as good as they did cooked over that small coal burning stove in uganda.

now it's my half birthday again. time really has flown. i wish with all my heart that i was in that place again. i would give up my modern conveniences and nice clothes, just to be back there again with those amazing people. 
and celebrating isn't very fun in provo when you are all alone.
that's all.

time for that blizzard.

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  1. I feel very special in that my picture made it into your post! Happy Half Birthday! I wish i could be there to celebrate with you. : )