05 September 2012

why i am REALLY jealous of married people

it's a well known fact that married people go to bed early. and by "early" i mean like 10 or 10:30. correct me if i'm wrong but my experience with married people has led me to believe that they go to bed pretty early (unless they have to work late or something like that).
when you're single you can't go to bed early. well you can. but only if you want to be a social pariah. if you want to go on dates, meet new people, and have a semblance of a social life, then you have to stay up late! even on school nights when you should be getting up by seven the next morning.
some people may be jealous that married people have the companionship, romance, etc. of marriage and a committed relationship. me? i'm really just jealous that after their studying is done, they can just watch an episode of their favorite tv show and fall blissfully asleep by like 11.  i'm out here struggling to flirt it up and make a good impression so that maybe i'll get asked out, and then maybe he will ask me out again, and then maybe he will like me too, and then maybe we will start dating, and then maybe we will keep dating, and then maybe we will fall in love, and then get married.
it's exhausting.
really, all i wanna do is sleep.
so i'm praying i find my husband. before i keel over from lack of sleep. or just stop socializing and seal my destiny. or get desperate and buy this:
guys i really want one. not because i am desperate, but because i think it is the funniest thing i've seen in weeks. when i first saw this i almost stopped breathing because i was laughing so hard. i mean, i'm trying hard not to laugh now- because i'm on the first floor of the HBLL and people would wonder. . . but this is definitely what i'm asking santa for this Christmas! ha ha!


  1. This is very true. I used to be able to stay up until 3 am and still make it to my 7:30 classes. But now I always fall asleep no later than midnight. I think it helps that I have incentive, because there is a hot guy in my bed. ;) But really, I think that there is some sort of switch that turns on when you get married and makes it so you physically can't stay up late.

  2. Not gonna lie, that's a BIG perk. I used to stay up REALLY late so that we could keep hanging out, but now I don't have to because he can just come with me, haha. Also I used to NEVER hear my alarm or be woken up by it, but now he can just make me get up instead.

  3. i don't know becca, i'm married and now 20 months in we're still up late. part of the fun of marrying your best friend is it breaks your heart to go to bed cause you're having so much fun you don't want to miss time with them! i admit, we are usually in bed by midnight whereas when we were dating it was always 1,2,3 oclock so i guess we get more sleep, but just the same being married does not always equal more sleep but it does still equal fun.

  4. I will vouch for the truthfulness of that whole post! Even down to the "favorite tv show before bed". It's our nightly routine!!!