10 September 2012

on top of the world

loving this song today. because i found out that i got an A on my music theory test which means. . . i get an A in the class for the semester and don't have to go to class ever again! here's to two more hours for studying or working out!
and i just feel like life is good.
i started my final year of school. finally. i feel like this has been years in coming! i guess it has. these two stud-muffins started their first year at BYU with me. it's been great/weird to have younger siblings here with me. i suddenly feel like i have huuuuuge shoes to feel to be an awesome older sister.
football season has also started! byu has not lost a game yet and i am loving watching them play- as usual. we've got an awesome group for football too. it's so fun to go to the game with "my boys"- Jake, Spencer, and Hyrum. it's never boring where we are.
i feel so blessed this semester. i know there are trials ahead, but at the same time i am happy. thursday was institute kick off and we had a wonderful speaker come talk about scripture study. i know that i this semester i want to improve and strengthen my relationship with Christ as i try to figure out what i'm doing after i graduate. i know that as i diligently study my scripture i will be able to fulfill my goals. i went to the temple on friday and was able to study and ponder the scriptures and my patriarchal blessing for almost two hours. it was wonderful!
so far this semester i've already been able to meet some wonderful people. there are a lot of new girls in the ward and my calling is allowing me to get to know them. i hope that i can be the best 1st counselor in the RS that i can be! i've met other great people through friends and i hope i can get to know them better as well.
i've made changes in my life too. good changes. things that i had been praying about for a long time. some of them were hard changes but i have felt so at peace about the decisions i have made.
Sunday dinner with the bros

i don't know what the semester holds in store for me! i won't be the richest girl ever. but can still be happy and succeed in my classes. it may not be the best semester in my life, but it will be the best semester for my life!

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  1. Great song! You're adorable. BYU had better watch out for all the Arnesons running around! And I must know where your awesome collage three picture thingies come from:)