13 September 2012

because i've been a bit of a slacker

i thought i would post this music video which has been stuck in my head since tuesday.
my pathophysiology study buddy showed it to me. watch it once. and then watch it again. because it gets funnier every time.

in other news....
i saw a picture of an 8 week old fetus today. it looked like a snake. i feel really great knowing that once upon a time my 8 week old fetus looked like the snake from Jungle Book.

i'm feeling guilty about the lack of posting. but i honestly have zero time. fact: i should be studying for my nutrition and chronic disease prevention test that i'm taking tomorrow.
fact: i had ice cream for dinner tonight. it was free and i'm a poor college student. i'll take what i can get.
fact: i'm going to bed now.

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