25 October 2012

reasons i'm awesome #239, #367, #381

i know i probably shouldn't have to toot my own horn and tell you all how awesome i am. but i really think i'm the bomb.com.

#239. homegirl can cook. and by cook i mean i bake, make waffles, invent salads, and brew soups. just this week i  made the easiest and most delicious homemade soup. like really i made my roommate try it because it was that good. it was one of those times when you just created something so awesome that you want to share it with someone.
i know this is a crappy unsmart phone picture, but i paired this tomato zucchini oregano soup with some homemade whole wheat garlic bread and it was completely heavenly. you want the recipe? well i'm making another batch in a couple days (it's that good) and i might just dedicate a whole post to it. if this quality doesn't make me awesome then obviously you underestimate the goodness of food.

#367) i have great teeth. ok, ok i don't have the "ideal" smile (whatever that means). but i've got great clickers in my mouth. i've never ever had a cavity. my dentist says i have great gums. and i wear my retainer e'ery night. i even wore my retainer every night while i was in Africa. awesome or not? well, just ask my dentist!

#381) i got my flu shot! you'd think i'd just voted for the next president of the USA by how excited i was. maybe it's because they gave me candy. note: they should totes give you candy when you go vote! i bet more people would vote. since i'm sure most people take health into consideration when making friends/getting dates/girlfriends, i just thought you all should know that i will be supes healthy this winter!

and i reiterate- i am so fabulous that i just don't understand why the boys aren't just lining up at my door for dates. (or why i can't actually date anyone.) it's a mystery so call in nancy drew and the hardy boys. 'cause i want it solved.


  1. I demand a recipe! Also did you make the bread? I would like that recipe also. You know you love me...

  2. hey when you figure the dating crap out, send the hint my way! cuz i think you ARE awesome. and i am not a loser either..... :)