28 October 2012

beka did what?!

on saturday in a craze- induced by homemade oreos and too much sleep- i signed up for a half marathon . . . that's on THANKSGIVING.

i know that i give the illusion that i'm this buff, hardcore, legit runner. but secretly i've been really bad at working out slash running this semester. so this half marathon may or may not be the death of me. despite my trepidation and underpreparedness i am excited! i'm going to be running it with two africa besties- Abby and Kaylen! they are both way more legit than i am but it's ok. i just run for the fun of it! you can bet that these next three weeks i'll be spending much more time running and working out. i'm excited to work towards this goal! it's going to be a great way to keep my motivation up as the weather gets colder. i hope that it goes through to the Christmas season too.

in other news: my friend Sam came down for the weekend. Sam has been living in NYC for the past year and a half. now if that's not living the dream, i don't know what is! anyways she is going on a mission in 17 days and so it was only mandatory that she come down and see me before she left. it was a blast! we got soup at Zupas, watched John Tucker Must Die, and went to a Spudnut party with some old friends. **spudnut: a delicious homemade doughnut made with potatoes.
typical of our relationship

ps. any good tips on styling my short hair? i'm at a loss people.

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  1. I am so jealous! I want to run that half so bad, but I think my body needs a break haha you will do great though! And I love your hair :) just sayin