31 October 2012

happy halloween!

if you didn't already know, i love halloween! i literally start planning my costume in the summertime. why do i like halloween? i love dressing up. i love dance parties (they usually happen around this holiday). i like parties with my friends. i like scary movies and haunted houses. i like pumpkins (and pumpkin food). i like candy.
so there you have the reasons i like halloween.
since halloween is on wednesday this year its hard to party it up, but i still did! on monday i went to my ward halloween party. my roommate, Tara, and i dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from dr. suess. the party consisted of dancing and of course the pie eating contest! i didn't win the pie eating contest. i was the only girl (represent!) and the other guys were like. . . HUGE. i did, however, beat last year's champion, Andrew. in your face! literally. (no really, i threw pie in his face.) it was a fun party despite some small troubles.

brother and sister

love my roommates

tuesday night my old roommate, Natalie, and her husband, Matthew, threw a Harry Potter Halloween party. we just won't even discuss how much i love harry potter. if you don't know then, you will soon know. i LOVE HARRY POTTER! it was such a blast! i went as Ginny. we got sorted into houses (i was in Gryffindor of course), drank chilled butterbeer, ate chocolate frogs and other delicious treats, took our O.W.L.S., played Harry Potter Scene-It, and just had a blast! sadly, Gryffindor did not win the House Cup, but we did our best!

Michelle, Natalie, Heather, and Me
what am i dressing up as today for Halloween? a stressed out college student. #thisisreallife 
what am i doing tonight to celebrate? studying pathophysiology. (diseases are pretty scary.) and then probs watching an episode of gilmore girls. and eat cookies & cream ice cream. obvi.
don't feel bad though. my mom sent me this delicious and festive treat. i'll enjoy that, and then get back to studying.

cute right? it was pretty good too. for a rice krispie treat.
hope your Halloween is full of tricks, scares and treats!
or lots of studying.

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