01 November 2012


some thoughts about storms, in the wake of hurricane sandy. 
we all go through storms. they constantly rage around us. 
sickness. bad grades. disappointing relationships. break ups. loss of jobs. sadness.  
it is so easy to get tossed around in these storms. 
lately i have felt like this. like i'm being tossed around in this storm- like i'm simply drifting in the sea of BYU students.
 i have left lost and hopeless.
but there is hope!
when Christ died, there was a huge storm in the America's. there was no light for 3 days and 3 nights! pitch blackness! but when the light came, the people were focused on the Son. they were ready to see him. the storm had refined them and humbled them enough to be able to see and visit with the Savior. 
one stormy night on the Sea of Galilee, the apostles were rocked by the storm, when they saw walking toward them, a man- Christ. Peter, the only one brave enough to step out on the water when the Savior called to them. he walked a few steps- on the water! but then he stopped, looked around, and realized he was in the middle of the Sea, surrounded by crashing waves, with thunder cracking and lightning blazing around. he could die! he looked away and began to sink, into the storm. as he cried out in fear, the Savior caught hold of his hand. and He lifted Peter to safety.
storms are dark. they are scary. they seem hopeless sometimes.
but Christ is there. He will help us. 
focus on Him. keep your eyes on His loving face! He will never let you sink. He knows what this storm is preparing you for. He knows the blessings in store for you. 
"Our only hope and peace in both physical and spiritual storms is the Savior." 
(Sister Sarah Arnesen, serving and LDS mission in Cleveland, Ohio- after Hurricane Sandy)

thank you Sarah for your inspired insight! I really needed this today!

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