06 November 2012

the best of 10.29-11.4

best text recieved (from Brock): "I have been listening to country music and know how to solve all our problems: alcohol."

best Harry Potter reference (besides the HP party): in group therapy on friday, our therapist was talking about how humor helps with anxiety and then said "it's like in Harry Potter they have those boggarts and Snape comes out and they have to make it funny and laugh at it to make it go away, or the boggart really will hurt them." Riddikulus!

best news received: i got an 85% on my pathophysiology test! my goal was to get an 84% and i got 85%! one of the perks of having no life is that i can get good grades. next test i am setting an even higher goal.

best shopping deal: buying a big box of goldfish crackers from Costco for only $5.50!

aaaand i was supposed to post this on Sunday... now it's tuesday. and the fate of our country will be known in (hopefully) a few short hours. i'm putting off studying by writing this last sentence. if Obama wins i might move to England. find Rupert Grint. and marry him. the end.

ps. another awesome thing about me is that i totes fixed our fuses today! our stove and microwave were not even turning on and i fixed them! my roommate said this makes me marriage material.

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  1. I think even if Romney wins, you should go find Rupert Grint and marry him. Just saying.