22 October 2012

Thirty Days to Thankful

guess what ya'll? there is 30 short days until Thanksgiving! and honestly there couldn't be better timing. just when i was getting a little (ok, a lot) downhearted, cynical and ungrateful it's time to start getting in the mood for Thanksgiving!

i was going to do a photo thirty days to thankful, but the thing i found on pinterest was just... lame. ha ha. so i'm going to do what i did last year- that is, keep a thankful journal and write day each day things i am thankful for. on thanksgiving (or the day before) i will record what i wrote down!

but i want to do more. i want to live in thanksgiving daily. i want to notice and be grateful for the things i take for granted. as i strive to have a grateful heart, i hope and pray that i will be able to make it a habit to live in thanksgiving.

i know that having a thankful heart brings happiness and optimism to life, as well as a renewed appreciation for the gifts God has given us. so, go out, buy yourself a little notebook and make that your "thankful journal 2012." join me in thirty days to thankful! i'd love to hear what you are thankful for and how thirty days to thankful helped you get in the Thanksgiving mood!

1 comment:

  1. I love when you do these little challenges/30 day things. They definitely make me think, and often secretly copy you :) Thank you for inspiring me!