26 November 2012

a slice of reality pie

this is not the kind of pie you eat at Thanksgiving. although my Thanksgiving Break didn't involve anything hugely monumental, it was a terrific break from school. this morning i woke up and reality hit me hard- like a bad hangover. (note: i don't know what a hangover feels like, but i had a horrible migraine and i figure a hangover can't be much worse.)

our toilet was clogged and overflowing. when i woke up i found that my roommates had used every paper towel in the house to clean up the water (next time let's use a mop or rags ok?) and our manager was in DC, unable to assist us as our bathroom flooded with sewer water. yum. we don't have a plunger so i borrowed one from my brother and tried to fix the toilet. nope it didn't work. it stopped overflowing, but the water is like a centimeter below the top of the toilet. . .  thank goodness for will smith! he came over and fixed the toilet! i guess it just needed a man's plunging!

i have a huge pathophysiology test this week. i didn't study nearly enough over the break. granted, spending time with family and helping my parents is 100% more important, but that doesn't mean i'm not stressed. i have a test next week too. who has tests the week before finals? oh yes, my professors. it's so great. (not.) can i just live in the library for the next three weeks until finals are over?

this week is the Festival of Trees. i haven't missed it in the last three years. and i can't go this year. so bummed about that. any kind soul want to take me?

but on the bright side, here is a quick recap of Thanksgiving break. . .
at the women's volleyball game. there's a sock in my hair. don't worry about it.

we made seven pies! my favorite- pecan pie

ran my fourth half marathon. . .

with these two Africa girls! it was freeeeeezing!

i also:
worked almost 20 hours
started reading Harry Potter again
sang Christmas songs
watched a BYU basketball game
put up Christmas decorations


  1. your fourth half?! you go girl! plus i totally thought about re-reading harry potter but didn't...and now i'm super jealous of you. guess i better get on that. PS i totally pinned the keep calm poster. can i get an amen?

  2. Writing about seven different pies and a clogged toilet in one blog, is pretty…uhm…interesting. Hehehe! On a more serious note though: To stop the toilet from overflowing, you must turn off the water supply by turning the valve found on the side of the toilet. Then, try using a heavy-duty plunger or a plumbing snake. You may want to try a chemical or baking soda with some vinegar to unclog the toilet from organic waste.

    Darryl Iorio