29 November 2012

throwback thursday

the recent Thanksgiving holiday had me thinking about what i am grateful for. one day i was just struck with how grateful i am for the ladies i lived with freshman year. it was probably the day after i saw Hadley, Amy's baby girl, for the first time. moments like that make you realize what you've got and how good life really is. moments like that make you wonder how lucky you are to have such wonderful friends.
i don't really want to write tons about each person individually, but since it's throwback thursday, here's a bunch of pictures from freshman year. you probably don't care about this if you aren't me or one of my freshman year roommates, but hey i don't care. enjoy perusing these four year old photos and laugh at how i look like i'm twelve.
literally the weekend we met- me, natalie and heather

powdered sugar fight- typical beka and heather

mary kay makeovers!

decades dance january 2009

football for FHE- got our game faces on. amy, me and kyli

yes we all squished onto those tiny heritage couches

loving the spring sun- natali, beka, heather

halloween- heather, natalie and me

homecoming game 2008- kyli and me

our future album cover

sledding for FHE

roommates for a year- friends for life
maybe ya'll are sick over the cuteness of this post. maybe i just need to get over my freshman year roommates and move on. but really! these girls are like sisters. we had fun times and some hard times freshman year. we have all grown and changed a lot since then, but we have all stuck together. i hope they each know how much i appreciate them and their interest and concern about my life! love you girls!

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