04 December 2012

tuesday is the new wednesday

some days you just don't feel like you can rely on anyone. i've said this once, and i'll say it again: sometimes the only way to get things done right is to do them yourself. not only that, but sometimes you just have to move on when people aren't there when you think they should be. because in all actuality, the people you think should always be there, will leave. and that guy you really like will stop calling you, for no good reason. and the best friend you swore you would always keep in touch with will move far away and you will only talk once a year. you probably won't get everything you think you deserve. you will probably still only pull a B in that tough class despite the hours of studying. you will probably still be single, even though it feels like the whole world is graduating college with a ring on their finger- or at least a boyfriend. and you probably shouldn't like your best friend's best friend because then you can never hang out with him without the guy you like there or at least in the back of your mind. and your relationship is totes different. and that sucks.
it's terribly frustrating.
so i was just looking for some snarky quote about being alone and how that's pretty much what life is. and then i was reading all these inspirational quotes about loving life, finding happiness, and serving others. and i felt really hypocritical. 
yes, i'm stressed. yes, i want things to work out the way i think they should. yes, i have no money. yes, i wish my friends would call me. yes, i wish i weren't alone so much of the time. 
but that is not what life is about! sometimes you do have to be your own hero. and you are alone for what seems like forever. but you have to remember that when you are down, that just means there has got to be good times ahead. and you will be grateful for those.
it's time to stop wallowing in self pity. because that just leads to anxiety. it's time to remember the blessings i do have. it's time to look forward to the celebration of Christ's life. it's time to serve and bless others. it's time to become a better me.

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  1. Yeah! :) I have found that I am strongest when I am alone. Not that it's fun, but hey, like you said, that's not what life is about. YOU are strong. And good luck on that dang hard patho final!