12 December 2012

12 on 12.12.12

12. i didn't die. it's simply finals. oh wait, those are pretty much the same thing. finals=death. so yes, i died. i'll be back soon though.
11.  when asked if i enjoy my spare time i wonder, "what if i spend all my spare time sleeping???"
10. i am actually enjoying the snow. because not having a white christmas is the epitomy of lame. however, the snow really puts a damper on late night adventures.
9. i have decided i want to learn another language. partially because it is really good cognitive practice. but mostly because then i will feel like a spy or something when i speak it and no one else can understand. Portuguese maybe?
8. i just took my last final!!! booyah! am i ecstatic? yes. did i have a celebratory dance party? yes.
7. apparently people are going around saying that the mayan calendar ended today. just so you know, it ends on the 21.
6. now that finals are over i really don't know what i'm going to do with all the free time i'll have. does this mean i have to get a real life with real friends for the next three and a half weeks??
5. i never eat christmas candy that's given to me before christmas. always after. there is 13 days until christmas. and i'm feeling great about the amount of candy i've accumulated.
4. my day has been filled with so much studying that i really don't have anything cool to say. are you bored yet? on a more exciting note- i had costa vida for dinner.
3. some saints were giving out hot chocolate to people as they left the testing center tonight. i'm pretty sure those people are going to be saved
2. speaking of the Testing Center and finals. . . i think it would be just beautiful if we were all given complimentary back massages at the end of finals.
1. anyone who wants to buy me mistletoe?

and for those of you who still have finals left to take, just do the following:

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