15 December 2012

finals are over. now what?

i have this problem every year. i'm so excited for finals to be over so i don't have to stress. but then once finals are over and i've had a couple days, i start getting bored. so i have to make lists of things to do over the break or i might die of boredom. either that or i eat so much food that i gain ten pounds. (that is no scientifically proven, and is probably a hyperbole.)

so what am i going to do over Christmas break?

Watch these movies: Elf, White Christmas, Miracle on 34 Street, It's A Wonderful Life, Charlie Brown's Christmas

Go to Temple Square (on a date?) 
Go sledding
Decorate gingerbread houses
Go Christmas caroling
Get a photo with Santa
Make oreo mint pops/truffles
Read Harry Potter series

i'm also going to work a lot and make mounds of money. i'll spend time with family. and i plan on working out every day and running every day that it's possible. there's 10 days until Christmas! 

what fun things do you have planned for the holiday season?

1 comment:

  1. Read: Anna Karenina, Wives and Daughters, and (for contrast) Socialism: the Royal Road to Communism.

    Bollywood films: watch them. lots of them.

    Dance: every folk, ballroom, and country dance I learned this semester.

    Food: make every Pintrest recipe my college budget couldn't afford but my family's pantry liberally supplies.