21 December 2012

christmas break fiascos

i'm really not having any huge fiascos. i just like the word. so my laptop broke. my brother diagnosed it as a problem with the hard drive. so i gotta take it in to best buy and have them fix it. and then magically come up with money to pay for it to be fixed. ha! that's a funny joke. so bear with me and i post even less than normal (if that's even possible).

SHALISE IS HOME!!! I would put up the picture we took at the airport, but remember my laptop is broke? anyway after waiting for two looooong hours at the airport she was finally there! oh she cried so hard! she does not want to be home. but it was SO good to see her and hug her! i look up to her so so much and i am happy she is back.

we had story night. what's this? we all sleep in our living room and mom reads christmas stories to us until we fall asleep. we always read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. have you read that? go read it. it's hilarious. i made some delicious food for us to snack on this year- oreo truffles, cheese ball and white chocolate popcorn.

i've read the first two Harry Potter books.

i've worked a lot. who's working Christmas morning? pick me! yes folks i am working so much. good thing too cuz homegirl has got to pay for school somehow.

went to the temple this morning with my brothers. the lady in the baptistry wanted to hook me up with her son. i don't whether i should be flattered (and given her my number) or worried.

after watching miracle on 34th street last night, it's official: santa is a mega creeper.

it's my day off today. so what am i doing? chillin obvi. and listen to crank dat soulja boy. can anyone say blast from the past?

peace homies. and if you don't hear from me for a while, then have a happy Christmas and be grateful you get to spend the day with your family.
Christmas break diet ha ha

ps. so far i am very happy with my grades :)

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