31 December 2012

2012 in retrospect

sometimes you just need spontaneous roadtrips with your roommate. . . to the middle of nowhere

got back into running and ran the Thankful 13

welcomed one brother home from his mission. . . 

. . . and one best friend home from her mission

shot my first gun

got my CNA license

and worked at a nursing home for two months. . . 
before getting a job at the Center for Change!

went to the Festival of Colors for the first time

lived in Provo for the summer, with the best roommates i could ask for!

celebrated random holidays, like National Hamburger Month

swam in a lake

helped throw a couple baby and bridal showers

turned 22

met Jef Holm at a blogger meet up

finished reading the Harry Potter series and officially became a Potterhead.

celebrated Harry Potter's birthday

threw my Grandma her 90th birthday party

went boating with some pretty awesome people

went hiking a couple times

ran the Fourth of July 10K with my brother (the rest of the family ran the 5K) and PRed

cheered the BYU Cougars football games, and attended my last game as a BYU student

had an awesome Halloween costume

voted for the President of the USofA

got my best college GPA this last semester and applied for graduation! eek

said good-bye to a lot of missionary friends

but most importantly i learned: that my Savior takes away all pain; that it's ok to admit that you can't handle something; to let Jesus take the wheel; sometimes you need to throw all your plans out the window and hope that the Lord knows where you are supposed to go; building up expectations is the best way the get disappointed; you don't have to be like anyone except yourself; those pint-sized ice creams are the best invention ever; watching six seasons of Criminal Minds during the summer is acceptable; you never know where life will lead you; expect the unexpected; keep your heart open and your head clear; communication is key to a good relationship; what doesn't kill you makes you stronger; there is no room for excuses; your family will give you good advice; it's ok to go out on a limb for love; no risk, no gain. know risk, know gain.

how was your 2012?
what did you learn?

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