21 January 2013

january update

i do have a life and i do have some thought provoking (hopefully) posts coming up. but here's a quick update on my life! i'm taking five credits-- Chem 285 and voice lessons. so far so good. i'm excited to sing some Nora Jones and Adele in voice lessons. as for Chem, it's pretty easy so far. i'm working between 20-40 hours a week, trying to pick up as many shifts as possible without going insane. i like the big paychecks (and the fact that more money= paying back my parents sooner).
weekends are different now. i usually work Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evening. but i still have tons of fun! especially this weekend.
thursday afternoon after class (and getting a free manicure c/o BYU Women's Services and Resources), i went to the temple. geez, i love that place. even when my hair freezes during the walk from the temple to my car. later that night i went to institute with jenny. afterwards we joined Klemme and the Metz to go get sushi! we are making thursday night, sushi night.
we ended up at Osaka on center street in Provo, laughing, chatting, and pounding down sushi. i lurv me some sushi! can't wait for future thursday sushi nights! friday afternoon i went to lunch with mom at Zupas. i really love Zupas food, but i feel like they keep the place a little too cold. i would rather just get it to go and then eat it in the comfort and warmth of my apartment (where i can be wearing sweats and watching Lost and no one will care). jenny and i went over to the Smith Fieldhouse at five in order to get the best seats possible for the volleyball game against Irvine. guys, i had literally been looking forward to this the entire week! so what if i'm obsessed? we ended up in the standing student section (aka the ROC ... i think) which was a blast! our blind dates got there around 6:30 and that was... nice. (i have opinions about blind dates that will not be discussed in this post.) ok ok ok, the game was AMAZING!!! i have not screamed that hard or been so invested in a game in a long time. i love our boys!!! they beat Irvine! (for those who are illiterate in sports- Irvine was number 1 and we were number 3.) I am so proud! oh and we got a picture with Cosmo. he's cool, except he tickled me and jenny. i felt a little violated. but whatevs, i guess.
after the game, and i'd screamed myself almost hoarse, we headed back over to jenny's to meet up with ward friends and have a Seinfeld marathon! the best ever. serenity now!! Saturday morning i slept in. our stake had a Relief Society fireside and lunch with Hilary Weeks. i was so excited because she sings one of my favorite songs (that has gotten me through a lot). jenny and i went and sat with some girls from our ward. it was a beautiful fireside and i am so grateful i got to go! i worked all afternoon and evening. sunday was maddie's farewell (i worked with maddie at the Skyroom). she gave an awesome talk! she is Elder Holland's granddaughter and he spoke a few words in the meeting as well. it was such an incredible feeling to be in the same room as one of the Lord's servants!

sunday afternoon i made homemade pasta for the second time in my life. i lurv pasta and i lurv making things! perf! Strobelt, Ryan, Jenny and I made and let me tell you it was quite the job! it took us about two hours to get the pasta made, but it was so worth it! those people are quality. and, how have i been missing italian food? good thing i don't live in italy or i would probably weigh 200 pounds! i just wanted to sleep after eating, but i had to go to work. boo. luckily work was pretty chill. today has been a lovely chill monday. happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! he was pretty amazing. his "i have a dream" speech still gives me the chills. i went to lunch with cousin Rachel at Pizza Pie Cafe. it was foolish though because half of Provo was there and they kept running out of pizza. they didn't even have Oreo pizza, which is the whole reason i go! whatevs. it was good cousin time.
tonight i'm going with jenny and ward friends to see Perks of a Wallflower. i am so excited! emma watson is my girl celebtrity crush. i want her hair and her style and Rupert Grint. and the movie just looks overall adorable.
here's to life! and adventure! and friends! etc!

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