17 January 2013

top 10 things about winter

i know i haven't posted in AGES. and now here i am being a total fool writing about how great winter is. the world must be coming to an end because if you know me at all, you know i hate the cold and snow. what with the sub-freezing temperatures we've got going on here in utah, i completely understand a small amount of bitterness towards winter. . . which probably won't end until april. in an attempt to see the good and not get bogged down by the winter blues, i've made a list of my top 10 favorite parts about winter.

10. BYU men's basketball and volleyball! i went to both volleyball games last weekend and i'm pumped for the game against Irvine tomorrow!
Adam, Jenny and I at the volleyball game last Saturday
9.  hot chocolate! there is nothing more pleasant than coming in from the cold and grabbing a cup of hot chocolate. or driving around Provo with your friend drinking some Mexican hot chocolate from The Cocoa Bean.

8. you don't need an excuse to make delicious soups. i lurv me some soup and i honestly would eat soup for every meal if that was socially acceptable. 

7. being justified to turn on the heater. when it's not quite cold enough to turn it on, you feel like a fool because it's september and 70 degrees and you are shivering. 

6. my birthday! folks, in a month i will be turning the big 2-3! shall we party? who would be down? but for real. . . would you come to a party for my big birthday?

5. cute winter accessories. scarfs. gloves. hats. headbands. they are all real cute. i'm hoping for a slouchy cap and infinity scarf for my birthday!

4. three day weekends. although i honestly believe that every weekend should be a three day weekend, i'll survive with two this semester. especially since one happens to be my birthday weekend.

3. Valentine's Day. i've never really celebrated the day of loooove (aka i've never had a boyfriend for this holiday). but i love Valentine's candys- especially Reese's peanut butter hearts. oh yum.

2. one of my favorite things about this winter is that i'm only taking two classes. don't worry i'm working 30-40 hours a week and making my way with a "real job." it's pretty great.

1. the BEST thing about winter is that it's before spring and summer! and i cannot wait for those warm seasons :)

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