10 February 2013

birthday week

how do you know when you're officially "old?" because in this small-town provo, i feel like this birthday i'm turning "old." really though, 23 isn't that old.
what? you didn't know it was my birthday this very week?
yes, in fact, my friends, it is.
side note: thanks to the six kind people who commented on my last post! you are the greatest ever and i will get around to answering your questions probs after my birthday. but i did find it odd that there were 80+ views on that post and only six comments. guys, i went to grade school, i know how to count. so unless the same six people viewed my page over and over, there was some serious lack of commenting going on!

i'm sure you  are all dying to know what i'm doing for birthday week: well to be honest, working a lot. i work Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. luckily i found someone to cover my shift that i had on my birthday (McKenna gets the prize!) so i can go to salt lake that day and have a party that night! however i have bunches of free stuff that i need to use so i hope i can use that a lot this week! so here is the tentative plan for bday week.
M- work and probably wash my hair (that's kind of a big deal around here)
T- class, devotional and work
W- go to costco, spin class, institute (possibly) with Bre
TH- class, work, maybe celebrate Valentine's (but for rizzle i'll probably get home from work and be bone tired and fall into bed)
F- voice lessons, chem quiz, Tucanos lunch (hopefully), bridal shower, and then boys i'm free after that so if you wanna take me out on a special birthday date, that's the time to do it!
S {my day of birthday aka the most celestial day of the year}- front runner ride to SLC, city creek, blue lemon and cheesecake factory, Temple Square, birthday party with friends at my place (yes, you're invited)
S- church, work
M- no school! birthday lunch with the family, work
bday 2012
now let me make the whole gift buying thing easy for you. i just really want your friendship (and comments obvi). . . and maybe a bag of peanut butter m&ms. for reals i'm not going to tell you what i really want because you probably can't afford it. or it will make me sound like a pathetic love hungry girl in her mid-twenties. (is 23 your mid-twenties???) i also accept gifts in the form of nail polish, funny movies, tickets to disneyland, cute clothes, phone calls from old friends, or midnight adventures.


  1. I didn't post on the last one... But I'm still reading always! Also, I'm so glad you call it birthday week because that's exactly what I do! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

    I kind of feel the same way about comments btw. I'm not as brave as you to come out and say it though haha.

  2. Happy birthday, beautiful! I love your blog--it's so true to you! And it makes me miss you like crazy. I wish I was going to be in Provo to do something with you for your birthday but I'm not so I may have to send the M&M's by proxy. =) I'm so happy that I have you in my life.

    You are sweet and darling and tons of fun and you deserve the most delightful birthday I can wish for you! Love you!!!!

  3. I love your blog! Happy Birthday Week!

  4. You're adorable! Btw, I would comment on every post! But my computer had a virus that didn't allow me to comment. It was the worst. No worries though, it's fixed now:)
    Love you!