13 February 2013

how to have a successful Valentine's day when you're single

i would know. i've been single for the last. . .  22 Valentine's days. but since it only really counts when you get to college (or something like that), it's only the last five years. but who's counting? i've had generally good valentine's days despite the lack of flowers, romantic dates, and kissing in the rain (or snow).

- get together with friends (or family). my family always has a little fondue party on Valentine's and we all exchange Valentine's. i went to that for a couple years in college. or you can get together with friends and go to dinner or watch a very unromantic movie.
- make Valentine's for those around you. roommates. best friends. make them humorous or make them cute. last year i made strawberry oreos and harry potter valentine's for my friends. this year i made english toffee for my family.
- buy yourself some back up chocolate. because chances are you will be wanting some and no one will have bought you anything.
- look to the future! remember that you aren't going to be single forever and someday you will have a perfect valentine's day that will make up for all the one's you spent alone.
- remember that my birthday is just two days away (yes folks, it's on the sixteenth) and i'm having a birthday party at 7:30 pm at my humble abode (141 E 700 N #23 Provo, UT) and i would love to see you there! birthday's are more important that love anyhow.
- and if you are just having a bad week and don't really want to face the world, pick up an 8 hour shift at work. that's what i'm doing. . .
- treat yourself to something nice. be it take-out Asian food. a manicure. new clothes. or just a night off. take some time to love yourself!
i feel like this sometimes
in all reality, love is good. don't forget that. and don't forget this: that you are loved! not only is there someone, somewhere who is looking for you to make them infinitely happy, but Christ died for you, and felt pain for you, and cries with you when you are sad. don't ever forget that!  so remember that love is real. that it will come to you. and that it will be worth it. wait for it and wish for it. never let yourself become bitter. love will conquer all!

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  1. As a fellow singleton this Valentine's day, I really liked this post. Oh and Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Hey, I actually watched Empire Strikes Back on valentines, so I love that Han Solo valentine!