19 February 2013

birthday week[end]

confession: birthday week was kind of crappy. i had something happen sunday that started birthday week off on a lame-o foot. i pushed through and didn't let anyone know how sad i was feeling, but the inside of me was not happy. despite that [and a little cry sesh in the bathroom during my party saturday night] i had a fun birthday weekend!
saturday the day was spent cleaning, riding front runner to and from SLC, shopping and eating at City Creek with Jenny and Abby, enjoying peaceful Temple Square, getting froyo with my dad, playing games and watching Avengers with friends. oh yeah, and here are some pictures.

surprised face!

did i mention i bought pink [coral] pants? yes i did.

monday my family had lunch and presents for me. mom made citrus halibut, rice pilaf, with veggies and fruit. she was proud she used everything fresh- even the herbs. yes, she loves me. she also made me my most favorite and delicious carrot cake. you haven't had good carrot cake until you've tasted my mom's carrot cake. deevine. i gave my parentals the camera which pretty much means the most awkward pictures ever were taken. it's fine. 

carrot cake. yuuuuum.

i'm a gem. thank you mom. 
[did you notice my pink pants??]

all in all, i had a good birthday. 23 isn't terribly exciting, but any birthday is great :) i had so many friends bring lovely and unexpected gifts. and i had a lot more people show up to my party than i ever thought! i felt loved and appreciated. it is definitely times like your birthday when you find out who the people are who truly care about you. i sadly had the discovery that some people i thought were my good friends, did not care as much as i thought they would. however, there were many more people who showed their love. and i really appreciate that! i wish every weekend were a three day weekend full of parties and fun. but sadly real life continues onward.
last year for my birthday i made the goal to be a force for good in the world. this year, as i am now 23, my goal is similar, but different. 
goal: set the world on fire with love!
here's to a great year of being 23 and showing love to those around me!

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