05 February 2013

why i'm excited

*i'm a debt-free girl. i had to borrow a couple hundred buckaroos from the parentals for this final semester and i just paid them back last saturday! i hate being in debt (even if it is just to my parents)!

*it's been pretty warm these last couple days. i know better than to be fooled and think spring is just around the corner, but the "heat wave" has been delightful!

*it's my birthday month which means celebration and partying all month long! i plan on having a spectacular birthday!

*jenny spencer comes back to Provo tonight. seriously, i love that you had fun in texas but ya'll should come back now.

*i recently rediscovered mac & cheese. guys, in case you didn't know, it's delicious. go out and buy a box or two, but not more than that because it's really not the most healthy thing in the world.

*miranda is this british comedy show that is HI-larious. like funnier than modern family. you guys should all come over and watch it with me and we will love it together.

*it's valentine's day this month. i don't really love the "day of love." in fact, i don't celebrate it. but i am making english butter toffee for my family as a gift of love! hope it turns out!

*i have class today and work. . . which means i won't be bored out of my mind all day. kids, stay in school! i'm not even graduated, but i only have two classes and little homework and i get bored! one day last week, i took two naps. two naps! i have the schedule of a toddler.

*ZUMBA tonight! if there is anything that is going to help my dance moves, it's Zumba. i love it with all my little white heart (especially when we do Waka Waka)

*thursday is sushi thursday again! love me some good sushi. everything should be tempura (fried).

*i've taken up watercolors. yes, painting. i'm not good, but it's very soothing.

*i'm eating leftover massaman curry for lunch. #getinmybelly

so yes, that's what i'm excited about this week.

what are you excited for?

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