03 February 2013

goals: february 2013

remember how back in the summer i used to post monthly goals? well i've decided to start it up again. i make goals for the semester, but it's kind of weird now that i'm only taking two classes and then i'll be done with school for a while! making monthly goals makes much more sense. so here goes.

february is a great month because it's my birthday! however, that often gets over shadowed and ruined by valentine's day. i mean, really? my birth is more important than your love. sorry i'm not sorry. also, have you noticed how every year a sappy movie tends to come out on valentine's day? last year it was The Vow. this year it's Safe Haven (i think). i'd rather re-watch Harry Potter. (actually i'd rather stick a fork in my eyeball.) speaking of birthdays (yes we're still on that subject) i have to work on my birthday! and the day after! and the day after that! and get this, my birthday is the saturday of president's day weekend. no going out of town for me. i have literally begged for my coworkers to take my shift on my birthday (even bribing with ice cream or hot chocolate) and no one has taken it! who wants to work until 11 pm on their birthday? not me. not any normal birthday-loving person. so there you have it, i probably will be working on my birthday. at least i get paid good money for it. and get free food. woot.
i'm only a little bitter.
however, birthday month is going to be great!!!! any ideas of what i should do to celebrate the most celestial month of the year? birthday gifts will be accepted.
thank you.
and good-bye.

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