07 March 2013

marathon thoughts

i know i said that i'm running a full marathon before i leave on the mish, but now i'm having mega second thoughts.
- there are 12 weeks until the UV marathon (june 8) and all the training plans i've looked at are at least 16 weeks long. i don't want to be under prepared. if i'm gonna run a marathon i want to run it right, that means training well.
- i'm scared. there i said it. i'm scared that i won't do well. my few runs i've been on in the warmer weather haven't been amazing. and i'm scared that i will hate the entire race. my friend who ran a marathon two years ago said it was the worst thing ever. i'm comfortable with half marathons.
- i'm lazy. let's be real. lots of days i'd rather take a nap than go running. i live a reeeeal exciting life.

- i don't have lots of time. as i work more i won't have time to put in the hours for a long run. because i'm not the fastest runner, when i get to the really long runs i will need 2-4 hours. of course it will be warmer so i could get up early in the am and go running (but why would i do that when i love sleep so much?) and since i work most saturday afternoons and evenings i won't have time to do the long runs then either.

maybe i'm just rationalizing away reasons for doing a full marathon. i could always do a full marathon when i get home from my mission. it would be a good goal to do once i get back.
or maybe i just need some mega motivation. like a runny buddy. new running shoes. a promise of a road trip. or ryan goslig + puppy. just sayin.....

anyways i could use some advice, motivation, etc. to help me decide what to do. i have to sign up for the marathon by march 10 if i'm going to do it. help a girl out will ya?

peace and blessings.

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  1. The mental part you can just get over :) It's the physical readiness that you need to be aware of. Doing too much too soon leads to lasting injuries. If you are already doing 25-30+ miles a week then you'll be totally fine. You'll be able to finish safely. If not, it's pretty risky. There will always be more marathons to run. You're going to want to focus a lot on getting ready for your mission, too. Plus you can be in good physical shape to go without running a full marathon :)
    That said, UVM does bib transfers. Buy the hald marathon one. What you could do is try training, and then if you are totally confident that you can do it, just watch for the TONS of people who sign up for the full then want to do the half and trade with them. Or just don't buy any bibs, then buy one from a marathoner closer to the date.