13 March 2013

the bums

yeah yeah it's been almost a week since my last post, and i know you've all been waiting with baited breath to see how i am doing and what i decided about the race. i know you just live to read my blog and hear about my life, because it's so stinking exciting. so, sorry for my absence.

about el marathono (that's spanish for marathon didn't you know?) i've decided not to do a full. every training program i found was between 16-20 weeks and since i haven't been running consistently i didn't feel like i'd be adequately ready in 12 weeks. a lot of people seem to think i'm like this pro runner, well news flash, i'm not. if i was then i'd be sponsored by nike and only wear nike clothes and be totally legit. and i'd probably be black (not racist, just all the best runners seem to be black). so i'm doing a half marathon, maybe two, before i leave for the mish.
sometimes how i feel when i watch Biggest Loser
in reference to the title of this post, no this isn't a post about bums. although that could be quite entertaining. get your mind outta the gutter! ok. moving on. see i done got sick. it all started after sushi last thursday. a titch of the sore throat. i didn't think much of it. but by the time i got home from work friday i knew i was coming down with something nast. but did that stop me from staying up until 2 am? nope. it was totes worth it too by the way. anyways i've been sick. and that my friends, is the bums. i literally do nothing but sleep, study, go to work, and um yes, sleep.
last night the nurse at work gave me some tylenol pm and, friends, if i was gonna go be a druggie i think that would be my drug of choice. is this legal stuff to write? stuff knocked me right out and i slept until 9 am. beautiful beautiful. i did kinda have a tylenol pm hangover. i went to buy some so i didn't have to keep getting the nurse at work to give it to me (because that just sounds too much like a drug dealer right?) but they don't sell the stuff at Smith's. what the bum? i was pretty upset. now please don't go thinking i'm gonna be all addicted to over the counter drugs (although i did have to show my id when i bought my knock-off nyquil), i just found my experience with tylenol pm worth noting.

and this is what i'm like when i'm sick. if you thought i took a lot of naps before i was sick, well now i don't even set my alarm to wake up from my nap! heck, i gotta get better! i've got tests to take, friends to hang out with, and adventures to have!  and of course my body chooses the warmest week of the year thus far to get sick. it's perfect running weather and i'm in here chugging water and sniffling away. boo.

now just because i'm sure you are fascinated by my storied of phlegm and cold medications, i'm going throw this picture down because i desperately need to watch Harry Potter again, i want to go thrift shopping every time i hear this song, and because i died laughing when i saw this.

be nice. remember this was written by a sick girl :)


  1. I have all the Harry Potter Movies on blue ray!!! Want to watch them with me at my house!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. One time I took two Tylenol pm and slept for three days only getting up to pee. It's powerful stuff! Needless to say I never took it again.