04 March 2013

march: goals

it's time to report on my goals for february and make goals for march. i can't believe it's finally starting to warm up! i'm super excited!
sign up for a half marathon: not completed. i've decided to do a FULL marathon and i'll be signing up this month!
go to aerobics classes 2x a week: i feel like i did pretty good at this.
save $100: check.
celebrate birthday month: birthday month was a wild success! boom! 
read from The Infinite Atonement/ The Holy Temple each Sunday: i think there was one Sunday where i didn't read out of one of the books, but i did do pretty good.
go to temple three times: done.
go to ward activites: i even got work off so that i could go to the activity that my council planned! i've definitely been more social in my ward this last month.
serve someone daily: i didn't keep record of this, but i did pray for opportunities to serve. mostly i served my roommates (doing their dishes etc.) but i could have had a better attitude about it.

i've got some pretty great goals for march. i also have a lot of fun plans for this month! i just hope it keeps being warm and everything. i am ready for spring!

do you have any goals for March?

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