06 May 2013

april. . . according to instagram and other things

i decided to get the flu general conference weekend. spent two days with a fever above 100.
celebrated Passover with family and friends
wished for it to stop snowing.
went to the dr. about stomach pains. got an ultrasound. not prego. no gall stones. diagnosed with gerd. gotta cut back on the ice cream :(
made pazookies.
skyped a lot.
worked 40 hours during finals week.
welcomed home my sister from her mission.
went to Pizza Pie Cafe with Hyrum. and ate lotsa pizza.
stopped blogging. woops.
bought a plane ticket to vegas.
cheered BYU men's volleyball onto a MPSF victory.
jenny moved to salt lake :(
signed up for my last half marathon until after the mish. (and i'm totes not ready for it.)
graduated from BYU!

yeah so that was april. now it's may and ya'll are probably wondering where in the heazy i went. but never fear. i've moved back home (oh the joy) before my mission. and i have a goal to blog at least once a week. also, let's play before i leave to Vancouver for 18 months. saavy?

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