05 April 2013

why i take naps

if you know me, you know that i love taking naps. there was a time this semester where i was taking two naps per day. so i was basically on a toddler's schedule. what's wrong with that?
people who know me well, know that there is a time almost every day, where i turn my phone in silent, and nothing can wake me from my nice little nap. whether it be 30 minutes or two hours. naptime is important.
why didn't we take advantage of this while we were kids?

apparently there is a National Napping Day! on March 14. wish i'd known so i could have celebrated. probably one of the only holidays where you party by sleeping. i will definitely be observing this holiday in the future.
did you know that cultures which have siesta hours have lower rates of coronary heart disease?? a study shows that napping 3 times a week, decreased the risk of coronary heart disease by 37%! boom!
famous people who napped: Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, Johann Brahms, Einstein, Margaret Thatcher and Napolean.
so you see why i nap?
it's completely logical.
it's not that i'm just lazy, and i'd rather get under my comforter for some snuggle time.

nope i'm purposely napping.
so i can be a genius and live forever. obvi.
napping is pretty great. 
just sayin.
so go take a nap today.
you deserve it!

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  1. Just found your blog and like it a whole lot! I just have to say that I love naps as well! I must take a nap everyday or I get cranky!!