03 April 2013

oh haiiiii

i'm back! not that i was actually gone anywhere, besides doing cool stuff, obvi. but i haven't blogged in forevs. and since i promised someone that i would blog today, i'm doing it. first off, i think we should all recognize that it's April. March just flew by! and it's got 31 days. cray. i'm already loving April because. . . 
i'm blogging outside on my balcony, in short sleeves. this is epic.
also. . .
i graduate- from college, not high school- in 22 days!
my sister comes home from her mish in two weeks from this very day.
the sun shines in my bedroom window making napping so much more pleasant.
it's general conference this weekend. supes excited to hear the prophet speak!
and elder holland, of course.
and, the trees are starting to get little green leaves. 
spring really is here!!!!

i need to quickly report on how my March goals went-- look for April goals coming up this weekend!
finish The Holy Temple book
finish 2 Nephi and Jacob (I actually got through Words of Mormon)
Get a B on chemistry test (83% baby! i'll take it!)
learn a belt song (in process)
met two knew people in the ward (thank you sushi sluts club)
save $100-$200 (actually saved $400. boom baby)

yes. i would say March was good to me. 

so i finished the Harry Potter series again. guys, i can't help it. i love it. 

also, this is my life. just sayin.

so that's my life. i promise that i won't be so long lax in posting. because i know you all check everyday to see if i've written something, and you are dying to know what the heazy is going on in my life. it's like a freaking novel.  or like an action comic book. i'm basically a super hero. like spiderman. i'm spiderman.
speaking of spiders, remember that one time i held a freaking tarantula?

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