15 May 2013

what not to do in your wedding announcement

ok people, it's that time of year, wedding season. something that every wedding crazed girl looks forward to. and something that those of us with small pocketbooks dread. wedding invites crowd up the refrigerator and we find ourselves getting the same present for everyone on the list, because it's just easier that way. and, although i am unmarried, i believe i am a self-proclaimed wedding planner and critic. i've seen my fair share of weddings, and in particular wedding announcements.
here's what NOT to do in your wedding announcement.
*awkward poses. we've all seen the "awkward engagement photos" online, but people, these things really exist! there are certain poses that perhaps you should not be putting out there for the world to see. this includes hand placement and how your clothes look in the pose. below, is just a tame example of awkward posing. what were they thinking? "oh honey this will look so good. i mean we're gonna walk around like this all the time after we're married right? i don't want you out of my sight! and if you try to leave me, well then you will be strangled. . . "

*personality. ok ok, don't get me wrong, you should incorporate personality into your engagement photos and wedding announcements! this sets you apart from other people. however you can take this too far. don't dress up in crazy outfits- keep it simple. don't include animals, especially dogs or cats, in your photos (i think the occasional horse can be cute if you are going for the country feel)- you are not marrying your dog! location is huge. avoid posing in water- that's awkward. avoid strange locations, like porta-potties, college campuses (yes i have seen people taking engagement photos on BYU campus and i think it's weird), etc.
a good way to add personality
* keep the clothes on! i don't need to say anything else on that i hope. . .
* kissing. let me clarify, kissing is all good and fine. i mean we want to know you are in love, and not just signing a business contract. buuuuut, (and this was told to me by a good friend who is actually married),  you don't want to kiss too much. her words "just give him a peck in the photos because other wise it looks like you are just macking on each other." not classy. also keep the kisses cute- lips, cheeks and foreheads. everywhere else should be off limits! we don't want dear 80 year old auntie marge keeling over out of shock and a sweet kiddo like you would kiss like that.
this is cute
*colors. i do love me a good pop of color on the invite/save the date. but too much color, that doesn't match up, is just too much. choose a font that people can read without going cross eyed, in a color that isn't going to blind people. it's ok to do a couple different colors on the save the date, but make sure that there is an underlying theme and that it makes sense. don't do a new neon color on each line. that is just awkward to look at and hard to read. if you are going to do colored lettering, then keep the background color something neutral- creme, black, grey, or white.

well i've had my rant. i hope you laughed a little, but you also took this seriously. thank you to the people whose wedding invites inspired this post and for the friends who had beautiful and classy engagements. you have given me hope that not everyone is terribly awkward.
now go. be in love. get married. and all that jazz.

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