12 June 2013

confessions of a college graduate

//you move home. because after all the times you said you would never ever ever live at home again, it's really cheaper to live at home.

//you find that you left all your friends in Provo. so on your nights off you are bored, literally, to tears.

//so, you try not to have nights off. you become a workaholic. and when your patients ask you why you work so much, you tell them it's because you like money and because you have no social life.

//you thought you'd know more what was going in life after 5 years at a higher institution of learning. wrong. you are as confused by life as you ever were.

//your to-do list goes from "study pathophysiology" to "paint nails"

//you thought you'd have lots more money because you are living at home, but no, you're saving for your mission, so you are practically penniless.

//the gym is the only thing that is keeping you from going insane. and jam sessions with Skrillex.

//you go out to lunch- by yourself. and bring a book to read. because you don't want to seem lame for going to lunch by yourself.

//when your computer breaks and you don't have money to fix it, you feel like you are 14 years old, using your parents desktop. at least you know the password to get on the internet haha.

//you stay up late and sleep in.

//you wish you spent more time at the pool.

//that's pretty much it folks. welcome to the real world.

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  1. This sounds alot like graduating high school and also waiting to serve a mission. Or just getting home from a mission and waiting to start school.