24 February 2011

oh hey, it's me

lauren, over at busy bee lauren, wanted to get to know her readers, and since i am an avid reader/ lover of her blog i am jumpin' on this awesome train. also, since i recently changed my blog up (just a little. hah.) i think it would be a nice thing for all ya'll to hear some random/coolio facts about me. 

me on my 21st birthday

1. i hate flavored water. propel made me sick once (well i like to think it did) and so i definitely steer clear of that stuff. the only flavored drink i can handle is gatorade and that is only when i'm running or when i'm sick.

2. i am a whiz at geography (just like you lauren!)- in fact i won my school geography bee in 8th grade and went to the state bee 

3. you know how there are those girls who just love babysitting? they come home after every job oohing and aahing over how cute the kids are and how they just can't wait until they have kids of their own? that was not me. maybe it's because i nannied for 2 years after school, but babysitting has absolutely zero appeal to me. [i do love little kids- just not the screaming, disobedient, bratty kids.]

3. i am not eating ice cream this entire year. if you do know me you are shocked because it's practically a staple [i blame my grandparents, who always have at least 3 quarts of ice cream in the freezer]. but this is for reals folks. i eat frozen yogurt but i try to make healthy choices there. 

4. i sucked my thumb until i was about three. [the very thought of sucking on my thumb now makes me throw up in my mouth a little.] but, i did it and i liked it.

5. i have never dyed my hair.

6. i was home schooled for 12 years. i like to think i've broken some stereotypes.

7. i am part scottish. i think if i actually lived in scotland i would wear my tartan 100% of the time and play the bagpipes.

8. when i was little my sister and i used to take family pictures of our Barbies- yes, our Barbies. we are cool like that.

9. i am an extremely good letter writer. if you far away from me i will write you snail mail. and even if you live fairly close, i might just send you an e-mail. [if any of you want me to send you a special letter please send me your address!]

10. i just got Wreck This Journal for my birthday! [it's in the picture there -->] i am beyond excited to use it :)

welp, that's just a few exciting facts about the girl behind this blog! i would love to get to know all my readers (no matter who you are). comment and let me know where to go to get to know yoooou!


  1. i like this. :) i like you. :) i'm sorry i am so amazingly busy that i have no social life. but know that i still love you. :)

  2. HEY!
    That's a harp behind you in that last picture!
    Does this harp have a story?
    Is this weird that I'm asking you about a harp in one of your pictures on your blog?!?! Good.

    PS - I want a silky flowery thing...but I don't get it. Does it just go in your hair? You probably think I'm the weirdest person right now...oh, well.