31 March 2011

this guy is pretty cool...

....and it's his birthday today!!!

doesn't he look adorable in this picture :)

Adam has always been one of my heroes and is definitely the best big brother ever!

he is cool because:
- he is suuuuper smart. he's getting is masters in electrical engineering. pretty much you have to be brilliant to do engineering.
- he has an amazing voice! when i was 16 we sang "The Prayer" together and everyone said he sounded better than Josh Groban
- he likes to joke around. on one road trip every time he'd see the sign "stop ahead" he would slap the closest person in the forehead, effectively "stopping" their head.

- he married this really amazing girl named Sarah
- he always is willing to share his food. in fact he invites me to come eat treats when they have extras
- when i was little and my older sister and younger brother were being mean to me, he would let me come into his room and do my school work in there
- he is honest with me (and everyone else for that matter)
-he can speak Tagalog

i could go on, but you should all just meet him and then you'd know. (also i need to go study for my genetics test....)

at his wedding!

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