21 January 2012

broiled grapefruit

i got the idea for broiled grapefruit from pinterest.
i love grapefruit and grapefruit is really good for you, so i decided to try it out this morning after my run!
here are the results:
for some reason i can't rotate this

i loved the broiled grapefruit! 
the broiling brought out a lot of tang and sweetness.
i didn't shudder eating it (like i sometimes do because of the bitterness). 
i am definitely trying it again!

some facts about grapefruit:
- it is a weight loss food. high in fat-burning enzymes, it also has a high water content and little sodium.
- prevents arthritis
- works as an antiseptic
- helps prevent cancer through antioxidants
- helps lower cholesterol levels
- helps treat the common cold

i love eating grapefruit! it is in season right now and often goes on sale at macey's or sunflower market. i like stocking up on a lot because they last a long time. they are also a quick and easy breakfast. 

1 comment:

  1. As long as you don't eat it while on any medications... ;) In my pharmacology class we learned that grapefruit juice increases the potency and effect of almost any medication. Anyways...
    What a cool idea to broil it! I want to try. I love grapefruit as well. Who knew it was so healthy? :)