22 January 2012

weekend rewind

this weekend was a busy one! but it was so good. every day when i go to work i pass some construction near the Marriott Center, and this.

i hope i never have an emergency near this area. good thing i run so i can just keep running! on friday night i went to the BYU hockey game on a date. of course, we lost the game (we aren't the greatest team) but there was still some excitement. ok, get this. . .  a girl got hit in the face with the puck! no joke! what a horrible shot right? everyone was staring and she had to be helped out by personnel. secretly i thought she should have just manned up and covered her nose (since that is probably what got hit) and walk out. i mean it's only blood. after the game Amberly came over and slept over! the great thing about my friendship with Amberly is we don't have to go out and do something to have fun. we watched Biggest Loser and she played minesweeper. then Jonny came over and we ate ice cream and talked about everything under the sun- meaning, of course, dating. i attempted to sleep on our Lay-Z-Boy but it hurt my back so i was a wimp and went to my own bed (sorry Amberly!).
Saturday morning i woke up early-ish and went running with my friend Matt. it was our first run as running buddies and i think it is going to work out great. it was raining when we left and by the time we got done with the 4 miles (and a 9 min/mile pace woot) i was soaking wet! i don't mind too much though. after getting soaking wet during rainstorms in Uganda, i don't mind the rain. in fact, sometimes it is very welcome. and i love running in the rain!

i showered and then lounged around in sweats- and by lounged, i mean cleaned and did laundry.  i'm so domestic. i went over to Amy's and helped her address invitations for Heather's baby shower. i am so excited for the shower and the baby! walking to Amy's though was ca-razy. the streets pretty much become a lake when it rains here. sounds like Africa except here the roads are paved. saturday night i went to Sarah and Paul's wedding reception. they were both on my team in uganda and started dating there. cutest. love story. ever. anyways i drove up with fellow africa peeps Andy, Remmik and Lindsay. it was fun to catch up with everyone on the way up! it was snowing pretty bad and i was so glad it was Andy driving and not me. what a trooper. the reception was beautiful and the bride and groom were radiant.

i love weddings and love!!! (except sometimes when i want to gag over the huge emphasis put on marriage here in byu town. ew.) when we got back to provo it was snowing pretty hard. welcome winter. you are a little late. i went out and watched a friend shovel tons of sidewalk space. can i tell you how attractive i find service? very much. ok that's all on that. also he has really cute puppies. i approve of those too.
today church was amazing as usual. i love my ward, my RS, my old FHE family, and all my friends here! i have a new calling on the music council that i am super excited about because i have never, never, ever in my whole life had a music calling- which is surprising considering how big of a role music plays in my life. i went home for dinner of steak and potatoes. mom, dad and ben made valentine's cards while i made decorations (post on those to follow). i love my family! i am also so grateful for my friends who are always there for me and who are willing to come over and listen to my troubles no matter what troubles of their own they may have!
let's make this monday the best one yet!

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  1. haha i love that we just chilled. i honestly don't think i could have done much else. and no worries, i didn't even realize that you wimped out on me. :) thanks again for letting me bum on your couch!