06 March 2012

it's one of those days

when there are 200+ kids running around the museum, and i realize (again) why i am not going to be a teacher. but if i were, i would be an elementary school teacher, not a middle school teacher.

when i just want to curl up in bed and eat ice cream, and not take a functional anatomy test.

when i'm so grateful my little brother isn't an terribly annoying and immature as these 13 year olds.

when one minute i want to either burst into tears and the next i want to vehemently lecture middle school students.

when the clouds make me extra grateful for the sunshine of yesterday.

when i am so happy i get to go to devotional, even if i go alone.

when i skip spinning because racing to the RB after work just isn't appealing. going home and lying down for an hour, is.

when i get 3 boxes of girl scout cookies that i can't wait to open on the 22.

when no food sounds good but chocolate.

when the fact that it's only tuesday seems terribly discouraging.

when you realize that being a woman can be very exhausting at certain times of the month (cough cough).

when you eat peanut butter because you can't have chocolate.

it's just... one of those days


  1. It has so been one of those days for me as well. I'm sorry! I hope you're chocolate craving goes away! You're beautiful. If you ever don't have anyone to go to the devo with, text me. Anna Parker, Whitney Sorensen, Sarah, and I often go together and you should come!

  2. I say you take the night off and have a date with a movie and a blanket :)