24 May 2012

things i'm good at

remembering random facts
reading a map
planning parties
making to-do lists
eating my vegetables

keeping in touch with friends
writing letters
making cookies
doing my dishes
planning surprises
having fun
being a nerd
finding humor in life
rapping the entire "Airplanes" song perfectly
blogging (almost) every day
getting people to comment on my blog *wink wink*
quoting movies
eating a lot
loving harry potter
using the word "slash"
spelling correctly
cheering at sporting events
being awesome.


  1. Oh ya, you're awesome Beka! :) I would add studying hard, working hard, playing hard, being trendy, setting goals, serving others in little ways (like taking them cookies or going out for frozen yogurt with them so they can talk), supporting your family in important things, etc. :)

  2. Bahaha, I love the first image and if you are half as good at throwing parties as the ones you pin on pinterest then I have got to get myself an invitation to one! ;) But seriously, you are amazing!